Hey, look! It’s a blog!

I decided to start a blog as a fun little summer project. I was thinking of writing about different places I’d visit this summer and start if off as a travel blog. I’m also hoping that this will give me a little taste into website design and teach me how to use all the nifty tools that are out there.

But before that, I have a confession to make. I am absolutely horrible when it comes to choosing any colour schemes for websites. Something that I am even worse at is choosing the appropriate font type that looks visually appealing. I’ve had trouble with this for ages. I would always choose a colour and font that I think looks cool on its own, but when looking at the final product…well, let’s just say that a 5-year-old could probably do better. This is why I’ll start off by focusing on the writing component and in the meantime I’ll be reading a book about how to make beautiful web designs.


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