Gaming at the Science Centre

From now until September 2nd, the Ontario Science Centre has an exhibit called Game On 2.0. This exhibit displays the history of video games and allows visitors to see and play all sorts of games. Just look at the huge list of games on display. Now I’m no gamer but this exhibit was really neat! I loved playing the arcade pacman and pinball. They also had a game on display where each player must hold a microphone-shaped controller as still as possible, while trying to tap the other’s controllers. Each time your controller gets tapped, it lights up and you lose a life. In total, you have 3 lives, and the person that has a life in the end is declared the winner. It was short and fun, and as it is currently in the beta stage, it was awesome being able to play it.

Another part of the science centre that is a must-see, is the OMNIMAX theatre. There are always a number of movies to choose from, most of them being hour-long documentaries. The screen is a large dome, making you feel like you are actually part of the movie, and not just in a theatre watching a movie. This is especially true for scenes filmed from a moving plane, as you feel like you are actually flying. And this might be just me, but every time I watch a movie at the OMNIMAX theatre I want to totally change my career direction. I guess it’s not that bad right now considering that I don’t have a career yet! So I should probably limit the number of documentaries I watch.

What else is there to see? Plenty! Visit the rainforest, the science arcade and the planetarium. But don’t stop there. All their exhibits are great! The best part is that most exhibits are hands-on, so you learn about science by performing the experiments!


Science Centre’s aquarium.

Let’s not forget to visit the structures outside the building! There is a huge water organ that you can play, a huge thermometer, a few pinhole boxes, etc.

Last but not least, students receive a discounted admission, so remember to take your student card with you!

Some Past Exhibits:
Body Worlds
Harry Potter Exhibit
DaVinci Exhibit
Mythical Creatures