Springtime in Kingston

The weather is getting much warmer, the trees and flowers are blooming, the days are getting longer, and the mayflies are out. This is a sure sign that spring has arrived and is here to stay!

Kingston is beautiful in the spring! The blue skies against the historic limestone buildings, and the sweet smell of flowers in the air. Walking outside on any sunny day makes me wish I had my camera with me so I could take some pictures. I suppose having a beautiful campus helps too.

Hopefully I can get lots of photography practice over the summer. So, here are a few pictures I took of Queen’s University over the past weekend.

Queen's University Campus

Queen’s University Campus

Queen's University Campus

Queen’s University Campus

Ontario Hall, Queen's University

Ontario Hall, Queen’s University

Grant Hall, Queen's Univeristy

Grant Hall, Queen’s Univeristy

Nicol Hall, Queen's University

Nicol Hall, Queen’s University

Miller Hall, Queen's University

Miller Hall, Queen’s University



Moment of Clarity

The elusive moment of clarity. As a university student, this is something I am constantly looking for. With the number of assignments and projects that must be completed in a semester, sometimes it feels like life is all about going from one moment of clarity to another.

At the first look, every project seems like a large intimidating brick wall standing in the path to your final goal. In order to conquer that brick wall, you arm yourself with knowledge. Knowledge from lectures, textbooks, and other resources. This background knowledge is the small tool that you can use to chip away at that wall. The knowledge is cloudy so it’s a slow process, but it still works. Eventually the wall gets thinner and brings hope that victory is near!

Just when progress is being made, the unthinkable happens. You realize that your tool becomes useless against that brick wall. You are so close yet so far away. The problem has become immune, causing you to be at a standstill. Stuck. This is when panic sets in as you realize that the deadline is inching closer and closer, yet all progress has ceased due to that brick wall in your way. Panic is accompanied by frustration. A number of different approaches are used to try and break down the problem. To break down that wall.

At the very last second, that moment of clarity makes its appearance. Everything falls into place nicely and it all makes sense! You realize that a small error or misstep was what was preventing the problem from being solved. The moment of clarity allows the wall to be torn down completely. It is followed by relief and joy. The rest of the road is smooth sailing to the finish line. Bam! That task that initially appeared like a large menacing dragon turned out to be a small friendly puppy.

Unfortunately the joy of completion of one project is short lived, as there is another project waiting for you. And the cycle continues.

As I write this, I am still looking for that moment of clarity for my final project that is due in a week. Anytime now…